Hola! I’m Cansu, the writer and fitness-lover behind this blog. My name, pronounced “jon-sue,” is a Turkish name that translates roughly to “life water” in English. So ta-da! Now you know where the blog name comes from.can


The simple answer? I want you guys to experience the unmatched confidence and happiness through exercise and lifestyle change. That’s it. That’s my why. YOU are my why. I want you to feel like you can rule the world and be whoever you want to be. I want you to KNOW that you can do anything you put your efforts into. It sounds silly, I know. But it’s so damn true, and that’s what I want you to realize. I can’t do it for you. You must be willing and able to change all on your own. But I will give you the tools for free. I hope (and I’m really hoping!) you use them to start living the best life for yourself.

My entire perspective on life was transformed when I changed my diet and started exercising. I was struggling with an autoimmune disorder for almost three years (meds did not work). It caused me to give up my military career goals. I had ridiculous anxiety and depression. I couldn’t figure out who I wanted to be. Essentially, I was lost in life. I had no idea what the difference between a barbell and dumbbell was when I started my journey. I couldn’t run a mile without puking (not exaggerating), and walking up a flight of stairs was exhausting. I had to go through all of that to get where I am now. If you see me at the gym today, I’m not afraid of the bench press or the squat rack. Actually, I use those every time I workout *insert badass sunglasses emoji dude lol*. I can run, I can run fast. And I love who I am today. I didn’t think it was possible to be this happy and strong. I guess the big point is, no matter where you are on your journey, you CAN get to where you want to be if you’re willing to deal with the hard parts.


This blog is all about you! These are your tools to find health and strength. You’ll find my favorite workout routines, how-to guides to help you with your form, and motivational messages to get your bum off the couch. I’ll admit that I favor body building style routines (hypertrophy) with use of challenging weights, which can be intimidating for many girls in the gym (like the old me!). Be prepared for a weekly weightlifting workout series that I have in the works. I’m hoping to encourage more women to find their strength with heavier weights.

I believe we can heal ourselves on the inside by starting on the outside. This outside-in approach is also a fundamental concept in yoga, and the reason why yogis practice the same poses, also called “asanas,” over and over. More on that later in another post. 😉

1BDFFF55-E021-470C-A7B8-83CC6E2A1289.jpgYou’ll also find cool facts on how different foods affect the body. Unlike other health nuts, I’m a little super obsessed with micronutrients compared to macronutrients. So you’ll find plenty of posts about different foods with antioxidants (vitamins) and minerals. I won’t be giving out nutritional advice because every body is different.What I can give you are my stories, and relay scientific posts in hope that they inspire you to make healthier choices. Information is what inspired me.

You’ll stumble across simple healthy recipes as well. I’m planning on a weekly recipe post where I share with you all the recipes I’ve tried each week from some amazing food bloggers.

And lastly, you’ll be following along in my yoga journey. I started yoga around 2011, but was never consistent with it until the end 2016. I am pretty much self taught, going to classes here and there, but primarily using free online videos to guide me through my practice. I’m hoping I can share with you all the joy of yoga through this online platform too


IMG_6178.JPGWell, I’m not trying to sell you anything, especially since everything I’ve learned has been free! You won’t be finding any expensive exercise guides or protein discount codes. No, this is just an honest and raw sharing of my life experiences and knowledge. I am working on a NASM certification for personal training towards the end of 2017. And I’m hoping to provide beginner-level workout guides with printable PDFs… They will be totally free. Because that’s how much I want you guys to get up and MOVE 🙂

This is all still a HUGE work in progress. I have so many wonderful friends and family who have been following along since I took that first step in changing my life. All the encouragement and love from you guys has been what pushes me to keep bettering myself. I hope I can give back to you what you’ve given to me. If you have any recommendations on what you want to see me publish on here, let me know either in the comments below or in the Contact page. I’ll make it happen.

Don’t forget to follow along on Instagram @lifewaterfit.

Happy lifting,


16 thoughts on “About

  1. Phil Ryan says:

    Hi Cansu, that’s a lovely ‘about’ page. Best wishes for your success.
    I’m after a gentle, very gentle, introduction to yoga. I’m old but enjoy cycling. I’m currently cajoling a tender hamstring to get better and, like last Winter with a calf strain, am losing fitness with each week that passes. (Last ride – 14th December, and then there was Christmas, new year….arggghhh)
    so some yoga (of the very gentle variety) may help. Is this the place to start?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Cansu Ashley says:

      Hey Phil, thanks for the kind words. Yes – yoga is a great place to start. There are several videos on a site called doyogawithme.com
      You can specify the level (beginner) and the time frame that works for you. You can also choose the type of yoga. It’s all free with an account. I highly recommend the videos on that site. Hope it helps! Take care 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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  3. Sanjiv Pandey says:

    Hi Cansu, thank you for liking my blog.. We share the same philosophy of giving tools for self-improvement free. Only the domains are different (or complimentary, maybe). You are taking care of the body and mine is focussed on mind and energy management.
    Nice to know about you. I live in New Delhi, India. Where are you based?
    Looking forward to more from you on you blog.


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